A Special Interview w/ CGGC Mujitsu

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi there guys. CGGC has recently made a poll about the featured Girl of the Month, and guess what who won? Yes, it is Mujitsu. Who is she really? Well, I had the chance to find that out through YM.

GM Ryujin: Hi there Muji Muji. How was your day?
gemma2686: >_>
gemma2686: I didn't know it was THAT formal
gemma2686: Anways, it was rather horrible
GM Ryujin: Why is that??
gemma2686: Afternoon came and I am very fond of afternoons because my bf comes to "fetch" me at work~
gemma2686: Then here comes this very and i mean VERY strong rain + wind.
gemma2686: I was soaked all over.
gemma2686: Good thing we found a cab and went to SM.
gemma2686: I had to buy a new pair of slippers because my shoes were dripping wet.
gemma2686: And i was shivering inside the mall~
gemma2686: so so cold.. ~_~
GM Ryujin: Aw. Sorry to hear that. Indeed, rainy days are here again ^_^
GM Ryujin: So, what does it feels like being the featured Girl Gamer of the Month?
gemma2686: I haven't felt it yet really
gemma2686: Not until I read the article XD But i was honored~
gemma2686: when i found out i "won"
GM Ryujin: Who first congratulated you in your triumph?
gemma2686: zomg. i forgot but i think it was jazzy ^^
GM Ryujin: I see. Why "Mujitsu"? There are lots of names to choose from, why that?
gemma2686: I first used that at GE. I ran out of names to use, getting tired of using my own name as my ign so i decided to use a Japanese name instead. I wanted to use Kawaii, but i think im not THAT cute. haha. XD So i searched for other jap names and i stumble upon the word INNOCENT. Yeah, Mujitsu means innocent Why innocent? i dunno.. haha. maybe because I was hooked on Death note that time
GM Ryujin: Where did you meet Phailed (boyfriend IRL)
gemma2686: I met him thru text years ago It's a funny story actually..
GM Ryujin: Oh okay. Will he be the last one in your life?
gemma2686: I SURE hope so
GM Ryujin: What can you say to players who are still using third party program?
gemma2686: Get a life and start playing manually.
GM Ryujin: Lastly, what can you to those people looking up to you?
gemma2686: Uhmmm there are? O_o I say goodluck to you all. If you believe in one thing and you really want to tell the whole world you're right about it, don't be afraid to tell them. That's how I look a tthings. And if ever you do find out your wrong, don't forget to apologize. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

There you have it guys. Mujitsu has spoken. Get to know if you have the time. If you want to ask her questions, feel free to post here http://forums.e-games.com.ph/index.php?showtopic=45844. She is a good forumer and a Cabal player as well. Signing out. ROCK OUT LOUD!!!